known as the city of four million Pagodas, is one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia.About 430miles (690km) from Yangon; The main tourist attraction in Myanmar, on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy river; Capital of the first Myanmar Empire; Its area of 42 sq-km has over 3,000 well-preserved pagodas and temples of the 11th -13th Centuries.

How to get there

Daily flight between Yangon and Bagan; Flight to Bagan take an hour and ten minutes. Also regular Express local service from Yangon and Mandalay; Yangon-Bagan Express Coach takes 16 hours; From Mandalay and Heho it is only 20 minutes’ flight; Express trains from Yangon and Mandalay stop at Thazi, from where it is only a three hours’ drive to Bagan. Also double decker steamer service between Mandalay and Bagan and a luxury cruise ships - Road to Mandalay, Shwekeinnery, Malikha and Pandaw.


Where to stay

Bagan-Nyaung Oo boasts several International Standard hotels as well as Inns and Guest-Houses with modern facilities at reasonable prices.


What to see

Shwezigon Pagoda, the prototype for the later myanmar stupas; Ananda Temple with four huge Buddha Images in standing position and relief depicting the Buddha from his Birth to his Enlightenment; Thatbyinnyu, the highest white stucco building in Bagan. Dhammayangyi, Bagan’s most massive temple; which displays very fine brickwork. Originally, they biult nearly 5,000 temples. Now more than 3,000 temples still survive according to the census of the archaeology department. Bagan Museum with artifacts of historical and cultural interest is well worth seeing.