Thandaung Gyi


Discover the unknown colonial hill station hidden in the idylic scenery of the Karen mountains

Thandaunggyi is a small village tucked away in the lush mountains of Karen state. It not only offers untouched nature to be explored on trekking trips but also a glimpse into Myanmar's everyday life, colonial history and the Karen culture.


Thandaunggyi was founded in 1852 by the British as a small hill town station, the remains of this era can still be found everywhere if you take a close look at the architecture. After the British left, Thandaunggyi suffered during the conflicts between the military and ethnic armed groups. Since the ceasefire in 2011, Thandaunggyi is safe and open for tourists.


How to get there

It takes about 6 hours drive from Yangon ( or) 1.5 hours from Taungoo to get there.


Where to stay and where to dine

Stay Thandaung gyi, Bed and Breakfast and Guesthouse only available.  IWISH bed and breakfast is recommended.